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Car Shipping Companies: California

It is the third largest state with a land area of 163,696 square miles (423,970 km2) It also has the largest population at 36,457,549 people.
California became the 31st state on September 9, 1850. The state began to prosper immensely during the Gold Rush in 1848. The state later prospered due to a vast entertainment sector in what was then called Hollywoodland!
The climate of California varies greatly, from Mediterranean to sub-arctic! The majority of the state, especially along the coast, has the temperate, Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers and mild, wet winters. As your travel further north, the wetter it gets. The high mountains have snowfall in the winter whereas the desert areas, like Death Valley, barely break a frost.
The current state Governor is actor Arnold Schwarzenegger and Clint Eastwood is the former mayor of the town Carmel.
California’s nickname is ‘The Golden State’ and its motto is ‘Eureka’! The official state animal is the California Grizzly Bear, a subspecies which is now extinct. This is the bear which appears on the official state flag, commonly called the Bear Flag.

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Choosing the right auto transport can be very tricky and troublesome. If you allow your car to handled recklessly, you could end up with a banged up car. On the other hand, you'll surely get your money's worth and your car will be safe and secure with California Transport companies. These companies are also known for their superb service and reasonable rates. A wise option for those who do not want to pay for repairs especially those who don't have enough extra cash to set themselves up for a car insurance.

Relocation to California might be a lot of fun! With such a diverse geography, the natural beauty of the area will take your breath away. Whether your interest be science, technology, business, or something else, there is a never ending list of things to do and find. California moving is justifiably exciting, so lets get ready to go!