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Car Shipping Companies: New Jersey

New Jersey is a small state with only 8,729 square miles of land area. Nearly 9 million people call this state home, making it the most densely populated state in the entire country. Nearly 20% of these people were foreign born.
This region is categorized as a humid subtropical climate. As such, summers in this area are usually hot and humid while winters are quite cold. Temperatures are slightly cooler in the north of the state than they are in the southern end.
New Jersey officially became a state of the Union on December 18th, 1787. It was the third state to do so.
The first settlers of New Jersey were the Dutch in the early 1600’s. The state’s name, however, comes from the English when they seized control. Jersey is the largest of the English Channel Islands.
The Nickname of this state is the ‘Garden State’. ‘Liberty and Prosperity’ is the state motto. New Jersey is home to more horses than any other state in the country, and as such, the horse is the state animal.

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New Jersey Moving is Unique. Lots of different things can make this move special. You can feel the proximity of the center of culture, government, and finances within the country here. You will be able to claim the heritage of the state when you move there as well. Overall, moving to New Jersey may be the greatest choice that you have ever made.