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Choosing a Reliable Auto Transport Company

Each person has a car that is uniquely its own. From the highly modified sports cars to the well worn family van, a vehicle is often one of the most important things in a person’s life. It is also one of the largest investments that a person will ever make in the course of their lifetime. As such, when you need your vehicle moved, you should demand reliable service from an auto transport company that has a proven track record.

Finding a company that fulfills these requirements is not always a simple task. Just choosing the first company that you come across is taking a huge risk, and a chance that you might never see your beloved vehicle in the same condition ever again. Taking precautions when shipping your car is vital to the overall process. In order to help you find the perfect auto transport company, here are some tips and things to remember.


Many auto transport companies function on a timing schedule that may not fit in with your expectations of the service. Most of these companies will not promise a set date for pick up or delivery, so when you are first talking with them, make sure that you find out what their policy is. Sometimes, stressing punctuality can help. Make sure that the company knows you are on a specific timetable, and that you need your vehicle picked up by a certain date and delivered by a certain date. If the company is willing to guarantee this, make sure that you get it in writing.


Making sure that your vehicle is covered against any damage is very important when you are shipping it with an auto transport company. Just like any other movers, the company will often offer you a certain level of liability coverage, but it will not be enough to really cover the loss of your car. Because of the large investment that a car is, you need to make sure that you have adequate coverage. You will often have to go through another company to get enough coverage to make sure you are safe from a total loss situation.


Without the record of something, it is unlikely that any complaints would hold up in court. To this end, you need to make sure that you document everything. This documentation starts with the pictures that you should take while you are preparing your vehicle for the shipping process. Keep any papers that you get from the inspections, the loading process, the company, and the insurance company. In the event that something does go wrong, you have a paper trail to back up your claims.

Finding the Golden Company

Finding the right company is not always easy, especially when you are talking about an auto transport company who will be moving your car from one place to another. Knowing what you now know about the process can help you however. Simply make sure to follow the steps outlined above, and get all of the information that you need, before you decide to hire a company. Taking your time will really go a long way to help you avoid disaster.